Tortilla chips + sauce

The fine spice of Mexico

Our freshly baked tortilla chips made from golden corn offer the perfect crunchy complement to creamy dips. Simply sprinkle with a pinch of salt or deliciously aromatic with BBQ seasoning - perfect for sharing!

Extra crispy corn chips bring a bit of Mexico to your home kitchen. Baked crispy with pure sunflower oil, they are perfect for nibbling, with dips in a cozy round, for the party buffet or with cheese and vegetables as a varied alternative to the evening meal. Served with sides like our delicious cheese sauces, tortilla chips are super easy to turn into nachos - great for dipping or topping.

Etelser Big and Tasty
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Etelser Big and Tasty
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Etelser Chipsy Lifestyle
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Etelser family package
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Multi-layered, crispy and irresistible as a

Tortilla Salad

Not in the mood for boring green salad again? No problem, the Mexican Tortilla Salad offers a crispy, fiery alternative. Together with our fruity salsa sauce, topped with aromatic cheese and finished with fresh cilantro, the corn-yellow triangles create a real flavor explosion. Ideal to enjoy together with friends or for a movie night for two.

Crispy, aromatic and undoubtedly

an all-rounder

Fresh and crunchy with natural vegetables, delicious simply as a snack to go or baked hot and crispy in the oven, our tortilla chips convince in many ways. And best of all: always super quick and easy to prepare!