Etelser cheese sauce

Creamy piquant cheese enjoyment

Our tenderly melting cheese sauce has a wonderfully creamy consistency and gets its mild spiciness from green jalapenos. The sauce is a very special pleasure when slightly warmed in a glass.

With over 40 % cheese content, the cheese sauce is the perfect dip for all cheese lovers. Classic as a full-bodied dip with tortilla chips you get the perfect cinema feeling in your living room. Then nothing stands in the way of an enjoyable movie night at home. Ideal for an evening for two or with the whole family. But no matter whether hot or cold, the sauce tastes great not only with many snacks, but also with main courses. It is an ideal accompaniment to hamburgers, raclette or side dishes such as potatoes.

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Etelser cheese sauce: 3 jars
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Etelser cheese sauce: 3 jars
Etelser cheese sauce: 6 jars
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Etelser cheese sauce: 6 jars
Etelser cheese sauce: 9 jars
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Etelser cheese sauce: 9 jars
Etelser cheese sauce: 12 jars
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Etelser cheese sauce: 12 jars
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Our cheese sauce and hamburgers are

a delicious combination

What could be better than a juicy hamburger with delicious cheese? Combined with the UCI cheese sauce from Etelser your burger becomes a special treat. Whether with chicken breast, beef or vegetarian, the sauce with spicy cheddar and mild jalapenos is a must for all burger fans. Surprise your friends at the next party with this delicious combination.

Spicy, creamy, varied and

Delicious in the kitchen

We'll bring your cinema taste to the kitchen. If you like to try out new creative ideas, you should fall back on our original UCI cheese sauce, because it's not only a great dip, but also a classic sauce for warm dishes. The sauce gives every dish a wonderfully spicy cheese aroma.